It’s about changing your prescriptive on your view of the world by experiencing it for yourself. In your own shoes. This is what it means to live life with no regrets.

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To make every moment of your travels count, you can be the savvy traveler you always wanted to be with the experience of the Binghamton Travel Club. Become a member of the Bing community with the ambition to dream big and travel the world together with like-minded people to plan your next adventure. Whether you are an explorer traveler, a solo traveler (perhaps you’d like to meet a new travel friend), an experienced traveler, or one who just loves to travel with big groups, the Binghamton Travel Club brings together and encourages a new generation of travelers. I have the knowledge, experience, and social connections in the travel industry to help bring people together and educate everyone on your travel opportunities and world-wide possibilities.

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